A quick glance on what is part of this growth marketing Experiment template

Section 1: Idea Backlog & Ranking

Use this section to gather new ideas from stakeholders and team members. Each member has its own section where they can rank their ideas based on 3 simple criteria. Based on these criteria, you'll be able to filter and understand which ideas are worth working on first.

Section 2: Prioritized experiments Overview

Create an in-depth overview of the prioritised experiments, keep track of which ones are ongoing and document learnings and next steps in one handy overview. Use this document to communicate with internal stakeholders and team members.

Why was this growth marketing template created?

In my 7+ years in growth marketing, I have personally ran over 6500+ Experiments.

And let’s be honest with ourselves, creating high-impact growth marketing experiments that will drive growth is hard.

This is because of many reasons, but in my opinion it comes down to 7 reasons:

1. Not having a clear process and documentation to track insights and learnings.
2. Not having a clear owner per experiment.
3. Not being able to get stakeholders to gather input or push things through.
4. People being very bad at understanding how much work it actually takes to run an experiment.
5. Not having a business KPI (One Metric that Matters) to optimise for or understanding the difference between Leading KPI's and Lagging KPI's.
6. Not having the foundations ready to drive growth.
7. Only focussing on short-term experiments vs long-term experiments.

Will this growth marketing template solve all these issue? Of course not.

What this growth marketing template will solve is creating the foundations for your team to execute and work in a structured and scalable way to drive growth.

How to use this Growth Marketing Template in 3 easy steps?

1. Gather and Generate Ideas
Make it a habit for yourself but also your team to input their ideas in the 'Idea Backlog & Ranking' Tab. Add your name, short description and stage of the funnel it has impact. Next to that, add any insights which led you to having this idea to formulate your hypothesis how you believe this could be solved. Pro-tip: don't worry if you don't know exactly how to solve this, remain high-level and deep-dive into the how later-on.

2. Rank all ideas
Once you have gathered all ideas (don't forget to also include other people within or outside your organisation for their ideas) you are now ready to start ranking each idea per team member. Assign each member a column so that you can gather input before discussing total scores. Keep in mind that the end scores are not final, make tweaking of scores based on new information gather around how long things will take, the total amount of people reached or how many insights you have around this experiment.

3. Further Define picked experiments.
Now that you know which experiments you want to run, use the Prioritised experiments Overview tab to have an overview of each experiment and their status. Align per experiment on the following topics:
- What and when are we running this experiment?
- What is our insight for our hunch, and to whom are we launching?
- Who (or which team) is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed?
- What are our main metrics and support metrics to define success?
- What was the result, learnings and next steps?


Designed for busy people like you

It’s really hard to great design great converting landing pages, let alone manage the entire process.

Product Owners

Looking to run experiments across their entire customer lifecycle from activation all the way to referral campaigns.

Growth Teams

Growth Team Leads looking to set-up their growth marketing team and process from scratch or optimise their current set-up.

Agency Owners

Agency owners looking to drive Growth Marketing for their clients in a structured and transparent way.

Founders & CEO's

Looking to create a scalable and repeatable process of driving growth marketing experiments within their organization.

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